Application Criteria

Presenter & Project Criteria

  • Applicants must be enrolled as undergraduate students at a higher education institution.
  • The project must cover a psychology topic (or a topic closely related to psychology).
  • The project can represent original research or research that is a derivative of another’s original research work (i.e. the work of a faculty or graduate researcher). The student(s) should have contributed significantly to the research that is presented at the conference.
  • The research does not have to be completed before the conference. However, at the time of the application deadline, applicants should be able to complete an APA abstract of the research including the research design and methods. Data results and the conclusion do not have to be completed, but projected results and concerns can be addressed in the poster display or oral presentation. We are flexible in including students who are at different phases in the research process. However, projects that are significantly less developed may be less competitive in the applicant pool.
  • Research theses, research assistantships, and independent research projects are all possible projects appropriate for this conference. Research projects completed during a research methods course may be submitted, but may be less competitive in the applicant pool.
  • Poster presentations may be done either individually or in groups. Groups can have no more than four presenters.

Faculty Sponsor Criteria

  • The sponsor must be Psychology faculty (or faculty in a closely related field) at the presenters’ school.
  • The sponsor must be available to assist his/her students with abstract editing and to assist with preparing presentations and presentation materials.
  • The sponsor must be available to communicate with PURC coordinators regarding his/her students’ progress.