2020 PURC Presentations

This year’s PURC conference has been transitioned online and is hosted through the Center for Open Science. Please visit this link for the conference meeting page and to view and download student posters and watch talk presentations: https://osf.io/meetings/PURC2020/.


PURC 2020 Full Program


OSF LINKS (visit the OSF Meeting Page for most up to date listings)

Ahsan Ahmed, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Extraversion Neuroticism and Problematic Drinking, (https://osf.io/3t4mf/)

Celeste Alonzo, UCLA, Ethnic Congruence, School Climate, and Discriminatory Stress: The Moderating Effect of Ethnicity, (https://osf.io/342vw/)

Dianna Alvarado and Lucy Gonzàlez, California State University, Immigrant Status and Academic Stress: The Role of Home-School Value Conflict Among College Students, (https://osf.io/n6qdf/)

Ane Balkchyan, UCLA, Nonsuicidal Self-Injury and Coping Strategies Among a Diverse Sample of Youth, (https://osf.io/m5up7/)

Gillian Borges, UCLA, Learning in the Internet Age: The Role of Thinking First Before Googling, (https://osf.io/ndj5t/)

Haley Breland, UCLA, Effects of the Learning Assistant experience on student attitudes and metacognition, (https://osf.io/8d6sv/)

Maria Ocampo Brito, UCLA, Resilience Factors Against Internalizing and Externalizing Disorders in Latinx Youth, (https://osf.io/8yu2z/)

Alyssa Brostowin, UCLA, Associations of Parent Psychopathology and Interparental Conflict on Child Internalizing Problems, (https://osf.io/chwf4/)

Alan S. Brown, Leland Stanford Junior University, Sleep Efficiency and Emotion Regulation Strategy Choices, (https://osf.io/cpqje/)

Aissa Cabrales, Ines Izquierdo, and Isabel Martinez, University of Michigan, Adolescent Boys and Girls’ Gendered Experience of Community Violence Exposure, (https://osf.io/u2p93/)

Maria D. Calderon Leon, UCLA, Parent and Peer Relationship Quality Correlates With Loneliness During the College Transition, (https://osf.io/2kr6p/)

Alexis Ceja, San Francisco State University, The Association between Interactant Gender and the Endorsement of Emotion Expressivity, (https://osf.io/dhn9k/)

Courtney Chan, UCSB, Effects of Smile Type and Target Race on Impressions, (https://osf.io/dgjv6/)

Davis Chong, UCLA, How Might Learners Make the Most of Their Forgetting?, (https://osf.io/mwtza/)

Rosaline Chow, UCLA, Are “Better Posters” Actually Better? Effects of Poster Format on Critical Evaluation of Research, (https://osf.io/v68um/)

Annie M. Clements, Sierra Nevada University, Gender Differences in Exercise Motivation, (https://osf.io/jq3fr/)

Zac Compton, Sierra Nevada University, Impact of Table Color on Blackjack Betting Behavior, (https://osf.io/ktrf7/)

Reilly Connor, University of Notre Dame, How Procedural Memory Affects the Retention of Skill Based Tasks Over Time, (https://osf.io/wp2qt/)

Sonia Avila Contreras, UCLA, Visual Cues and Food Intake: A Preregistered Replication, (https://osf.io/hf93e/)

Priya Dahiya, UCLA, Sexual Violence Survivor Solidarity: From Social Support to Policy Attitudes, (https://osf.io/7apz9/)

Ximena M De La Cruz, University of Texas at Austin, The Behavioral Effects of Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals and Sexual Aggression in Female Adolescent Rats, (https://osf.io/vktjg/)

Josefa Equita, UCLA, Synchronized Brain Activity Across Individuals with Shared Identities, (https://osf.io/fswez/)

Kayla Espinoza, California State University, Long Beach, United As Allies Against Racial Prejudice: Shared Racial Experience and Ally Confronting Behavior, (https://osf.io/yweck/)

Stephane Andrea Estrada, Ashley C. Harvey, Daisy Montero, and Ashley F. Soto, University of Michigan, “We’re all affected by it”: A Mixed-Method Study of Familismo, CVE & PTSD in Latinx Urban Adolescents, (https://osf.io/v52jf/)

Katherine Frei, UCLA, The Influence of Social Media Study Breaks on Students’ Learning, (https://osf.io/ktpbz/)

Joseph Gaggiano, Madelyn Preiss, Alice Yang, and Ying Xu, UCLA, Habits During Instrumental Learning are Associated with Impaired Selectivity for Remembering Important Information on a Separate Memory Task, (https://osf.io/auce4/)

Aidan Anne Galati, UCSB, The Impact of Reproductive Aging on the Human Hippocampus and Spatial Navigation Strategy, (https://osf.io/xftms/)

Jorge Soto Garcia, UCLA, Learning from Lectures: The Impact of the Classroom Learning Environment, (https://osf.io/8f9ve/)

Karen Gomez, California State University, Long Beach, Spontaneous Gender Attributions for the Category Label Latino(a)/Latinx, (https://osf.io/c3bsu/)

Ariana Gonzales, UCLA, Acute Stress as a Predictor of Distinct Communication Processes in Close Relationships, (https://osf.io/gtjmp/)

Abigail Gonzalez, UCLA, Relationships Between Perceived School Climate, Exposure to Community Violence and Mental Health Problems in Asian-American And Latinx Youth, (https://osf.io/w3sqg/)

Alexis Goris, School, Diversification of Ideal Body Types Does Not Impact Body Image Satisfaction, (https://osf.io/b4wdv/)

Laura Green, School, UCLA PURC Conference: Effects of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation of Ventrolateral Prefrontal Cortex on Value-Based Memory Encoding, (https://osf.io/f8tvh/)

Sean Guo, Feodora Roxanne Kosasih, Andrew Saleeb, De Monteverde, and Uriel Doromal, UCLA, The Role of Communication in Neural Synchrony, (https://osf.io/psdn6/)

Jingxuan Guo, UCLA, Subcortical Brain Volume Alterations in Adults with Psychotic-Like Experiences, (https://osf.io/s7a4q/)

Shikha Gupta, California State Polytechnic University, Student Perceptions of Supplementary Instructional Online Videos to Improve an Engineering Course, (https://osf.io/btxk8/)

Valda Han, UCLA, Marital Compassion in the Context of Daily Life, (https://osf.io/5s8mk/)

Hanna Hebden, UCLA, Negative Feedback on Social Media and Psychopathology in Adolescents from High-Achieving Schools, (https://osf.io/4kpds/)

Ambar Hernandez, UCLA, Mass Media and Mass Violence: How Traditional and Social Media Impacts Recovery, (https://osf.io/kgn9z/)

Vanessa Hilo, UCLA, Does Learning About Learning Promote the Adoption of Evidence-Based Learning Strategies?, (https://osf.io/h5tqw/)

Holly Carrington, University of Virginia, The Influence of Hormonal Contraceptives on Baseline ImPACT™ Performance, (https://osf.io/mwf54/)

Emmily Hovhannisyan, UCLA, Virtual reality reward training: autobiographical memory changes correlate with improved anhedonia, (https://osf.io/ux5an/)

Selina Hsuan, UCLA, Calories Consumed and Eating Rate Influence Memory of Eating, (https://osf.io/ctmnw/)

Elijah Huang, UCLA, Depression and Acute Stress Impair Selectivity for Learning Important Information, (https://osf.io/z67fu/)

Elijah Huang, UCLA, REVISION: Depression and Acute Stress Impair Selectivity for Learning Important Information, (https://osf.io/4q6yh/)

Elijah Huang, UCLA, Depression and Acute Stress Impair Selectivity for Learning Important Information, (https://osf.io/c6nts/)

Quynh Theresa Huong Do, UC Irvine, Does Working Memory Training Improve Metamemory? Examining as a Function of Age, (https://osf.io/3jm92/)

Molly Kennedy Irvin, Leland Stanford Junior University, “This One’s Great! That One’s Okay.”: Investigating the Role of Selective vs. Indiscriminate Praise on Children’s Learning Behaviors, (https://osf.io/3jrw4/)

Chris Sanjeev Iyer, Leland Stanford Junior University, Semantic-mediated false memory increases with depth of processing during encoding, (https://osf.io/wv4cu/)

Tasfia Jahangir, USC, Perspectives on culturally-competent mental health services: A thematic analysis, (https://osf.io/8edwx/)

Jessamy Johnson, UCSB, Scale Validation: Student Fit in a College Environment (S’FICE), (https://osf.io/ywm8d/)

Callie Jones, University of Pennsylvania, Impaired Automatic Perspective Taking and Callous-Unemotional Traits, (https://osf.io/dcqtu/)

Evelyn Yihyun Joo, UCLA, How Early Life Stress Follows You: Delayed Recovery from Anxious States, (https://osf.io/xmjcn/)

Caleb Kealoha, UCLA, We are (not) in Sync: Inter-Brain Synchrony During Interpersonal Conflict, (https://osf.io/zuxgy/)

Natalie Leraybaud, UCLA, Using the influenza vaccine as an exogenous mild inflammatory challenge: when does inflammation peak?, (https://osf.io/fprks/)

Shi Shi Li, USC, A Lemon in Yellow, A Lemon in Blue: Color Congruence and Perceived Truth, (https://osf.io/xb249/)

Jiani Li, UCLA, Baseline Open-Mindedness Moderates the Effectiveness of Self-Affirmation in Enhancing Emotional Receptivity to Counter-Attitudinal Information, (https://osf.io/mked9/)

Sarah Lingg, Sierra Nevada University, Learning Styles Examined: Modality Of Word List Delivery Does Not E Impact Free Recall?, (https://osf.io/7g549/)

Chassidie Liu, UCSB, The Effects of Racial Categorization on Emotions and Inclusion, (https://osf.io/64c95/)

Zimeng Ma, UCLA, Nationality Similarity and Attitudes Toward Psychological Counseling, (https://osf.io/pk9au/)

Bianca Marconcini, UCLA, PURC Poster Submission Bianca Marconcini, (https://osf.io/q2pfr/)

Cassandra Marzke, UC Berkely, Clinical and Neural Characteristics of Youth at Clinical Risk for Psychosis with Comorbid OCD: Results from the North American Prodrome Longitudinal Study (NAPLS-2), (https://osf.io/swq58/)

Penny McElwee, Emory University, Parenting Self-Efficacy in First-Time Moms: Correlates and Determinants, (https://osf.io/25wah/)

Savannah M. McNair, Tulane University, Infants’ Attention-Orienting to Caregiver vs. Stranger Faces Varies Across Distractor Contexts, (https://osf.io/ejwvy/)

Ghada Morad, UCLA, Too Stressed to Care: Acute Stress Impairs Selectivity for Remembering Important Information Among Those with Early-Life Stress, (https://osf.io/bgdp9/)

Jessica Morales, UCLA, Effects of Alcohol Administration on the Urge to Use Marijuana, (https://osf.io/x9tzf/)

Ngoc Ngo, UCLA, Can children remember what you say although it is not directed to them?, (https://osf.io/w89f7/)

Joanna Man Nguyen, UC Irvine, Examining the Effects of Spacing on Working Memory and Transfer, (https://osf.io/2qng9/)

Hanna Nguyen, UCLA, Parental Depression: A Moderator for Parenting Behaviors and Child Anxiety, (https://osf.io/d3rqg/)

Ayla Novruz, North Carolina Central University, Discrimination and Heart Rate Change from Day to Night in Emerging African American Adults, (https://osf.io/mfc7p/)

Hanaan Osman, UCLA, The Relation Between Subjective Socioeconomic Status and Adolescent Well-Being, (https://osf.io/quv5c/)

Jung Woon Park, UCLA, Statistical Analysis of Beck Depression Inventory in Assessing Major Depressive Disorder, (https://osf.io/hrzk3/)

Jadyn Park, Washington University, Cognitive Effort, Subjective Valuation of Rewards, and Personality, (https://osf.io/2wbxy/)

Nicolas Scott Pearson, UCLA, “It’s me”: Assessing Self-blame and Peer Victimization during the High School Transition, (https://osf.io/6xpw3/)

Vanessa Perez, UCLA, Addressability of Emergent Life Events: Does Assigned Protocol Matter?, (https://osf.io/vwp87/)

Emanuel Perez, UCLA, The Effect of Language Experience on Spatial Relations, (https://osf.io/2pfjx/)

Kaitlyn Pham, UCLA, Examining the Links Between Sleep Quality and Treatment Outcomes in Depression, (https://osf.io/6jpxs/)

Audrey Phan, UC Berkely, Disentangling the Contributions of Proactive and Reactive Control to Impulsivity, (https://osf.io/jq58s/)

Kailas Pillai and Vanessa Hilo, UCLA, True-False Pretests Enhance Learning, (https://osf.io/du3rc/)

Valerie Polad, UCLA, Reducing Carryover Effects in Within-Subject Designs, (https://osf.io/njrym/)

Reegan B. Pomponio, Ohio State University, Examining the Links Between Maternal Depression and Child Behavior Regulation, (https://osf.io/hvqkj/)

Maydely Remigio, California State University, Math Class Climate on Math Identity and Interest Among Middle School Latinos, (https://osf.io/pbck5/)

Alisa J. Robinson, Sierra Nevada University, What is a Slut? Using the Implicit Association Test to Define Slutty, (https://osf.io/j6afw/)

Austin Saephan, UCLA, Ethnic Discrimination and Mental Health Symptoms in Vietnamese American Adolescents: The Mediating Role of Ethnic Self-Esteem Across Immigrant Generations, (https://osf.io/s8bjq/)

Shushanna Samvelian, UCLA, The Effect of Basolateral Amygdala Inactivation on an Aversive Learning and Decision-Making Task, (https://osf.io/j83x7/)

Daniela Sarmiento, UCLA, Examining the Association Between Gratitude, Inflammation, and Socioeconomic Status in Adolescence, (https://osf.io/7yjnb/)

Cristina Inez Sarmiento, UCLA, Bilingual Memory Retention Through Overhearing, (https://osf.io/dpf2j/)

Ekayana Sethi, UCLA, Safety Seeking Behavior Mediated by Cholecystokinin-Expressing Neurons in the Lateral/ventrolateral Periaqueductal Gray, (https://osf.io/cpexn/)

Makenzie Sheckells, California State University, Visual Perception and Numeric Estimation of Race in Crowds, (https://osf.io/9zc8k/)

Samantha Skinner, USC, Understanding Young Children’s Capacity and Motivation to Teach, (https://osf.io/gvkfa/)

Emma Smith, UCLA, The Role of Motivation in Predicting Changes in EF Following a 12 Week Intervention for Adolescents, (https://osf.io/mxfye/)

Lauren Solouki, UCLA, Effects of Parental Criticism and Inhibitory Control on Child Hostile Attribution Biases, (https://osf.io/kxp89/)

Jana Sun, UCLA, Influence of Caregiver Involvement on Patient Satisfaction, Regret, and Conflict in Lung Cancer Treatment Decision-Making, (https://osf.io/hwfd5/)

Kyra Terry, California State University, Intervention to Increase Identification with Computer Science among High School Girls, (https://osf.io/v84he/)

Jessica A. Thoma, UCLA, Functional Connectivity of the Executive and Default Networks in Trait Worry, (https://osf.io/3sbja/)

Jennifer Truong, UC Irvine, Training Change Detection and Its Effect on Visual Processing Skills, (https://osf.io/uvba5/)

Subiksha Umakanth, UCLA, Study Habits are related to Value Sensitivity in Memory, (https://osf.io/46kqh/)

Ashini Viradiya, UCLA, Threatening Social Interactions Encoded More Efficiently in Visual Working Memory, (https://osf.io/z7csq/)

Claire Roche Waller, UCLA, Risk Factors for Depression Following Early Life Stress: Recent Life Stress and NAcc Activation, (https://osf.io/pd3ws/)

Tianyu Wang and Richard John, USC, Lay Perceptions of the Reasonable Suspicion Criteria for Terry Stops, (https://osf.io/zts9n/)

Shawn Wang, UCLA, Adult Attachment in Couples Predicting Relationship Quality, (https://osf.io/ca6dt/)

Shiyun Wang, J.D. Knotts, and Hakwan Lau, UCLA, New Measures of the Agency for Functional Movement Disorders, (https://osf.io/ndcmh/)

Alyssa Wieand, UCLA, The Impact of Early Life Adversity on Threat Memory Retention in Children and Adolescents, (https://osf.io/mf3cu/)

Collin Wright, BYU, Assessing Suicidality In Children Under 12, (https://osf.io/5jqn3/)

Ashley Yen, UCSD, Equinumerosity and counting, (https://osf.io/gmuh8/)

Raha Zahedi, Stephanie Thai, Megan N. Imundo, Elizabeth Ligon Bjork, and Alex Gordon, UCLA, The Impact of Test Format on the Benefits of Collaborative Tests, (https://osf.io/c27rg/)

Lu Zang, UCSB, Gender and Emoji: Cultural Differences in Social Impression of Emoji Use, (https://osf.io/dtp24/)

Yubo Zhou, UCSB, Culture and Risk Perception: The Effect of Risk Framing on Financial Deception, (https://osf.io/58ps3/)

Inez Zung, Vaishali Reddy Denton, UCLA, Collaborative Flashcard Use Improves Learning Efficiency and Metacognitive Accuracy, (https://osf.io/e8nbp/)